Pastelería y Panadería Dansk




Dansk began its Pastry and Bakery tradition on August 2003 with the mission of delivering the best high-level pastry and bakery.

All of our products are elaborated with the best ingredients, mostly imported from the USA and Europe. Our production processes are strictly supervised to offer the best quality, flavor and freshness in both fine pastry and artisanal bakery.

The founders are Yamel Moisés Henriksen MBA and Master Chef Jacob Henriksen, who had previously acquired and developed their skills in the best and most luxury hotels in the USA and Denmark.

Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Henriksen share their abilities, skills and knowledge in the most prestigious universities in Puebla and collaborate as independent freelancers within their specialties, but mainly they both work hard together on their master project: “Dansk European Pastry and Bakery”.

Dansk has only one location so that we can take care of every detail on the production, handling and freshness of all our products and thus to be able to offer the quality and personal attention that has always distinguished us.

Please feel free to come and visit us!